Tuesday 7 June 2016

Mission 3.6

What do you want to accomplish?
- I want to accomplish learning about different places/people/cultures through cooking and baking foods from around the world.

How would you like to do it?
- I would like to do this by choosing a place in conflict then doing research about what a popular or national dish that is made there. I would show this as a scrapbook with why I chose the place, information about who they are, photos of the place and of me baking and the recipe.

How long do you think this will take you?
- I will do a minimum 5 recipes in total. I will make 1 dish every 2 weeks.

What do you think you can have ready to share by June 13th?
- I will have one recipe done in time to present.

By doing this I would be raising awareness for the places in hopes that others could donate or help raise more awareness to slowly make a change for the people who live there. I would raise awareness by making the dish more and sharing it with my friends and family and encouraging them to share it with others!

Sunday 5 June 2016

Mission 3.4 Continued

I decided to draw a picture of Jo with a 'quote' from the interview. I wanted to show how Jo said "I always wanted to have my own shop! I imagined doing this as an older woman", so I drew her thinking about opening her bakery as an older woman!

Here is my drawing, I hope you enjoy!

Here are some photos I took at Little Jo's!

Monday 30 May 2016

Mission 3.4

For this Mission we had to chose someone who is our definition of success. I chose Jo from Little Jo Berry’s. I was lucky enough to talk with/interview Jo to get some information about her and her business.
This is the information I got and why I decided to write about her!

My definition of success is when you feel like you have reached a point in school or working (ect.) when you know what you are doing, you understand what you’re doing and you enjoy what you’re doing. You are successful when you know what your ‘purpose’ is and you pursue it.

I asked her to answer some questions, you can read the question and her answers below!

Question: Why did you chose to open a vegan bakery?
Answer: “I always wanted to have my own shop, I imagined doing this as an older lady. Maybe after I worked other jobs for a long time and maybe save enough money. And then it just became the time, I wanted to be my own boss. I'm vegan so I couldn't imagine baking any other way.”

Q: Do you find it challenging to always bake vegan and come up with new and exciting recipes all the time?
A: “I did wholesale baking for a few years, I would have to bake 1000 of the same thing at a time and that kind of stuff. I didn't really have a lot of time to be creative and try out new things. I don't think it's hard to bake new things I think it's exciting.”

Q: Do you think that new customers know that your food is vegan? Does it surprize them?
A: Not a lot of people walk in here and don't know that is vegan, it's kind of like our little secret. Most people will just come in buy our treats and never know. Sometimes people find out we’re dairy free and that surprises them. People in this neighbourhood are very welcoming.”

Q: How long have  you wanted to open up your own bakery?
A: “I've wanted to be a business owner since I was a kid, like 12 or 13. Idd always think of new ideas like a baby sitting company or a dog sitting company. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. As I started getting more baking jobs I realized that was what I wanted to do”

Q: Do you feel that you will open up more bakeries? Like a chain? Or just keep the one you have now?
A: “I always have the drive to do more, be more and own more. But I'm really happy here right now and there's so much stuff to do all the time. If I was to open up a new restaurant or expand our family I would want it to be something related to us but different, like more savory food or an icecream shop. Something that is a new idea. It would be in a long time.”

Q: How does your day start?
A: “It starts really early, I usually wake up about 4am. I walk my dogs, and then I slowly make my way here for usually 5. Then we start baking from 5-8am, then we open and one of us will open up as the barista and the other will be in the kitchen. The busy days we have more people come in and open. On the average day it's just 2 of us.”

Q: Did you go to school for baking?
A: “I didn't go to school for baking at all, I learned it all from experience. From working in bakeries and kitchens. I learned from using my hands.”

Q: Do you have a favorite treat that you sell in store?
A: “We just started doing ice cream sandwiches, they're my favorite. Ice Cream is my favorite dessert so anything I can put it on is good.”

Q: What is it like working with family members?
A: “It's good because even if you have an argument you can rely on your family and you'll get through things. Working with my brother is very easy, he's very accommodating. He knows this is my dream so he’ll always do what's best. And he knows me so you can talk about ideas and really be honest.”

Q: Who inspires you?
A: “Any time you work in a kitchen with someone who wants to be in a kitchen, is inspiring. Anytime you work with someone who is a baker and they get really passionate about their food that really inspires me.”

Q: What is your definition of success?
A: “I feel like everyday I get closer to success, I know that it's very soon to say this but I think I do. My original 5 year plan was to have kids and bring them here and watch them grow up with the shop. I just think that would be so incredible. So for me I feel like being success is letting my shop to open to anyone and everyone.”

Q: What is your goal for this bakery?
A: “The main goal is to create a safe environment where anyone can feel able to eat whatever they feel comfortable eating and to feel good about what they're eating.”

Q: How do you hire your employees?
A: “At first I wasn't going to hire anyone, I thought it could just be me. But when it started to get busier I started to hire people who just came here a lot. I have a lot of kindness in my life and where I work so when I offered them a job it brought more kindness.”

Monday 16 May 2016

Mission 3.3

In this Mission we had to take photos of things we are passionate about, I really enjoyed this mission because I'm incredibly passionate about taking photos. So here are the photos I took!

I took this photo because I love the earth and nature, I represented this with the plant and the plant curtains in the background!

I took this photo (with some help) because I really like graffiti, the way it looks and how sometimes the people who did the graffiti could have done it for no reason or for a reason.

I took this photo because I enjoy art and doing art with other resources, for example two white boards, white board markers.

I took this photo to represent technology these days, this generations lives are on the screens, with this photo I took a photo of a photo of the computer.

I hope you liked the photos I took! Do you have a favourite?

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Missions 2.6

This Mission we had to find things we are passionate about and write about them. This Mission was hard for me because I am passionate about so many things I do, so I decided to focus on things I am more passionate about then others!

  • Roller Derby
  • Women's Rights
  • Animals Rights
  • The Human Brain
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Books
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Traveling

I am passionate and curious about many things, as you can see from the list shown above. At the moment the human brain really interests me. I want to learn how it works, I want to know the different parts of it and I want to find out how everyone's brain is different and makes us who we are.

I'm also interested in photography, I take photos to save memories that I want to remember or of things I think look cool. I love taking photos of people and of the environment.

I am passionate about Roller Derby, I meet with my team every Saturday and sometimes Tuesdays to practice and learn. I enjoy Roller Derby because it's fun, hard and you not only get to play you also learn more about the sport every week.

The final thing I'll be telling you about is writing. I love writing because it lets me tell stories and pictures with my words. My favorite part about writing stories is creating characters, I almost always base the characters off of my family, friends and people around me. Not only do I like writing stories I also like writing poetry and journaling.

And those are just a few things that I am passionate about.

This is a photo I took at Have A Heart Day!

This is a photo of me and my friends after Roller Skating the 15k CN Cycle!

Here is the starting chapter of a book I am write right now!

I hope you have a great day!

Monday 2 May 2016

Mission 2.5

In this Mission we had to write a letter to three possible allies, someone who can help us and support us! In each letter I started off the same, I explained what I was doing. The letter below I wrote to my sister Sage.

Dear Sage,
I have started being apart of an online classroom run by one of my former teachers. Every once and awhile we have a new Mission come out almost every week, once we finish the Mission we post it on our blogs, you can check out what I'm doing here: http://myepsotworld.blogspot.ca

In this Mission we have to find three allies that we think can support and help us out. And I want you to be one of them because of your creative and unique ideas. I think you could help me come up with imaginative ideas that can help me express whatever I feel is right for any future Mission!

I hope you can be one of my allies and help me through the upcoming Missions!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Gabby

In my other two letters I wrote to my dad Steven, and my aunt Kimi!

Mission 2.3

Todays Mission was about writing great blog posts! We had to find a blog post or article that we enjoyed, then read and think about what made the post great! I choose an article about making cheap diy wall art, you can read it here :


Heres what I wrote down!

  • Make it short, sweet and simple readers don't always enjoy or have time time to read a lot
  • Added photos or videos to the posts to draw attention
  • Used their own words, the sentences seemed like the person was having a real conversation with the reader
  • Wrote about something they’re interested in
  • Gave tips that helped them in the process

What do you think makes a great blog post?